Sunday, March 15, 2009

Letter from my Father

"I knew you when...

You blew puffballs.

I changed your diapers, ughh!
We walked in the deep

Woods and found lucky buckeyes.

Mom terrified you by

Telling you to sweat.

Bonnie bit you.

You finally put your head

Under water at the pool.

You won the beauty contest.

We prayed together every night.

You danced the Nutcracker

In your pink tutu.

You picked peas in the pea patch.

You played with beagle puppies...

I knew you when, and the dreams
Will never end as long as Love

Endures and the soul ascends.

I watched you grow up

And knew that you and I were

The dreamers in our family.

All of my dreams did not

Come true, but you are one

That did. As a father, I am
Proud of you and will always love

And cherish you, daughter of my dreams.

And if you live your life on

Earth, full of love and forgiveness,

We will dream together with Him,

According to God's promises.

Mom and I will always love you

Because you are a part of our
Hearts, our happy dream, our joy.

(1 Corinthians 13)

happy birthday,


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LJ said...

I absolutely loved this post. Beautiful and so personal. Thanks for sharing.