Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cougar Age is 35, Apparently

[22-year-old Cute Boy on Dating Website]

"Wow. Just to let you know, I find you stunningly attractive. Your age has treated you well. It probably wouldn't work out but I felt I had to tell you anyways. Hope your weekend goes well. Southern girl with a Phd living in DC sounds to good to be true...."

[35-year-old Me, Replying to Boy]
"Hey hotness.

Thank you. Yeah...PhD...that's what happened to my 20s.

Going out with you would put me solidly in the cougar category, and while I've done it before, I try not to make a habit of that. You are a very attractive guy, though."


Friday, February 27, 2009

I Love Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is such a wonderful neighborhood.

I can not tell you how much richer my life is because I have zero commute. Okay; I have a 10-minute walk, but it's a gorgeous walk that is good for me.

And on nights like tonight, the festive restaurants and bars have people spilling out of them, sitting at outdoor tables or standing around outside, like flowers spilling out of a bouquet.

Capitol Hill truly has a "neighborhoodly feel," in that I know and am known by the local merchants. Folks are friendly here. Every morning, during my walk to work, I pass a gas station. Dane, who pumps gas there, always says hello to me, by name. The homeless man who hangs around there also says good morning to me. On cold days, I ask him if he's keeping warm.

I had Greek food tonight. It was this macaroni dish, with ground beef and bechamel sauce. It was delicious, and Dominic, the greeter, was so nice.

It's that iffy period just before spring's daffodils peek through the ground. Rain is often threatening, and the cloud cover and concomitant humidity make the night air balmy and mild.

In a way, Capitol Hill feels like a small town. After working on the Hill for 6 years and living here for 2 years; after countless trips to Eastern Market; after many visits to local churches; after even more visits to the Tune Inn - I'm starting to feel like a local.

Call me "Inside the Beltway" if you wish. But what I'll tell you is that the people who live and work here are genuine and kind. Most of them are hell-bent on making this world a better place in which to live. Just like me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Almost Spring

I can not wait for spring. All of this warm-teaser weather is getting to me.

Southerners struggle more than most after moving northward.

In the fall, the days quickly shorten, and the period after Christmas is especially dark and depressing. It's not quite that dark in the South. Then there's the snow and ice. Granted, the past few winters in DC have been mild, compared to others, but still. This is the time of year when the oddly warm days become more and more common.

I can almost smell spring in the air. The dampness that I felt when I walked out of the house this morning reminded me of spring showers, daffodils, forsythia and these funny little flowers that bloom a lot on Capitol Hill.

Oh, spring. Where are you? I have missed your warm touch.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


SmartCars and Snowflakes;

Capitol Hill on Wednesday;

President's Day week.