Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Emperor's New Clothes are Made from Clean Coal

- Energy derived from coal is terrible for the environment. The coal must be mined, which is bad for the miners who must obtain it and often is strip mined.  Burning it emits more greenhouse gases than any other source, not to mention the soot in the air.  Greenhouse gases have led to global warming, which will be devastating within the next century.

- There is no such thing as "clean coal."

- The idea of long term storage of carbon dioxide in underground geological formatuons is absolutely ludicrous. Very "Emperor's New Clothes.". What happens if there is an earthquake or meteor hit?

- Members of Congress with a lot of coal in their districts should avoid self-interests from trumping good science and energy policy.

- It is wrong to pollute the air, emit tons of greenhouse gases, and stip-mine the land because it is "good business."

The American people deserve so much better.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! If a meteor hit with enough force to destroy such a storage system, we're probably in bigger problems with the meteor strike itself!

But of course I agree that "Clean Coal" is a scam, and I cringe every time I see that commercial for it using archival Obama footage making it appear as if he is a strong supporter of Clean Coal.

Let's reduce our energy usage where possible, and ramp up wind, solar, and hydro instead.