Monday, March 23, 2009

Capitol Dome Tonight

I jogged around the Capitol grounds tonight. I passed others:

- A man with a tripod, intensely focused on a "blue light" sunset photo, with a female companion looking on, her arms crossed to ward off the spring chill;

- A young athlete, jogging, iPod strapped to his bicep;

- A woman in her 20s, passing by quickly, the words, "affirmative action," trailing behind her;

- A young man of 25ish in a suit strolled past, his swinging suitcase in one hand, an illuminated Blackberry in the other; and

- A white-haired, comb-over'ed man, in his 50s, in a tan trench coat, clinking house keys.

"Oh! It's so beautiful!" I heard, as the Capitol Dome glowed in a backdrop of soft yellow and clear blue.

The tourist-like exclamation, with voice full of wonder, was mine.

*Photo credit: Big Mike NYC

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