Sunday, December 21, 2008

Silver Linings

Christmas has become a time of mixed feelings for me, and this particular year has seen some challenges. I'm thinking, though, that with challenges come opportunities to grow.

And, there are silver linings that become apparent only during challenging times. Two are on my mind, in this moment:

1. Friends and family.
There are people in this world who think of me and care greatly for me, and vice versa.  Life's challenges allow for the deepening and strengthening of friendships and the heightened awareness of their value.

2. Spirituality.
There is something to the link between tough times and opportunities to grow spiritually. This season has brought great opportunity for contemplation and reflection. It's a time to consider lessons learned, compare-and-contrast experiences, look for patterns, and deepen the understanding of self and others.

For these things I am grateful.


Punning Pundit said...

I'd forgotten you had a blog until it popped up on my RSS reader...

LJ said...

Good to see you pop up in my blog reader. And I agree... good time for some new perspective. Hope the holidays are a good time for you with your family. Just can't beat that. Xoxo

SciWonk said...

Thanks for the encouragement.