Saturday, May 15, 2010

Members of the Police Officers’ Association of Michigan (POAM) Assault Two Women at Local Washington, DC Restaurant

The POAM, the Police Officers’ Association of Michigan, rented a bus and treated members to a “night on the town,” on Capitol Hill at the Tune Inn, a bar located at 331 1/2 Pennsylvania, Avenue, Southeast, in Washington, DC. Police officers from cash-strapped Michigan¸ paid by taxpayer dollars, packed a local DC dive bar and assaulted two female DC residents while there.

According to multiple accounts, badge-wearing police officers from Michigan assaulted at least two women at the local Capitol Hill diner. One woman was groped by a POAM member as she walked toward the restroom. Another woman was groped by multiple members of the POAM party as she stood near the entrance of the Tune Inn.

“The Tune Inn was recently featured by the Food Network as one of America’s hidden gems, as far as diners go,” said one eyewitness. “It’s a shame that badge-wearing members of the Police Officers’ Association of Michigan not only turned the Tune Inn into a raucous dive, but also into a place where women are objectified. When did the Tune Inn become a place to worry about getting groped while walking to the ladies’ room? I had always viewed the Tune Inn as a comfortable spot to relax. My guard is up from now on,” said one woman. "Multiple Michigan police officers were wearing badges, drinking alcohol, and carrying guns. That is irresponsible at best."

After the first assault incident, where a woman’s buttocks were squeezed by a POAM member as she tried to make her way to the restroom, the situation quickly escalated to a dispute. As the woman accused the perceived offender, another member of POAM told the local resident to “get out of here,” indicating that drinks at the Tune Inn were either being paid by him or by POAM and thus, Michigan taxpayer dollars.

“In Washington, where everything is built on a person’s professional reputation, it’s shocking that behaviors such as those like groping women at a DC restaurant still persist, and people still believe that’s acceptable...especially at the Tune Inn, a beloved neighborhood diner,” said a person at the scene.

“The members of POAM are paid by Michigan taxpayer dollars. It’s certainly feasible, considering the scarcity of jobs in that state, that more upstanding citizens should be worthy of support from hard-working, Michigan taxpayers. Shame on members of POAM for implicitly objectifying women in our nation’s Capitol.”

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