Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why Do People Blog?

This morning, Mama asked me, "Why do you think people blog?" Leave it to mamas to ask simple questions that confound us- or at least make us consider what we're doing.

I've just started blogging. My mom and dad were English teachers. In fact, Daddy's a published poet. I opted to rebel and pursued a career in the biological sciences, but the creative urge and wordsmithiness pulse strongly through my veins.

Recently, I wrote a few notes on said blog and decided to give 'em The Parent Test. Here's Mama's reaction:

I read EVERY word of your blog. Why do people blog, anyway? Just wondering. You are such a great writer. Words (rich ones) just seem to roll out of you in the perfect way.

I'm finishing up my coffee and just about out the door for a 30 minute walk. One parting note: Parents job: to worry about their kids. Love you bunches.


The comment about worrying about kids, I'm sure, is in response to the "Day's End" note. I want everyone in the blosphere to know that I have awesome parents!

Getting back to the "why people blog" question. I am sure that this topic, blogging about blogging, is cliche. However, I'll slip the New Blogger card out of my left sleeve and play it.

I think some people blog because they are extroverts. They crave contact with the Outside World. They've got stuff to say and need to share it. Or just spew it out.

Others blog because they are lonely. There is no one close enough to them whom they can call and convey their thoughts-that-become-blogs, as often as the thoughts surface. [Well, maybe District Sniffer's pooch is an exception; GoGo looks like a good listener.] So they blog.

Still others are good writers, and they want to display their talents in hopes of getting "discovered."

Others are okay writers, but they have great insight about politics, news or whatever. They're not good enough or fast enough to be hired as reporters or journalists, and/or they have too much of a creative fluorish in their writing, so they just blog-it-out as a hobby.

Others use their blog as a semi-public diary, like LJ of District Belle.

Still others, such as my scientist friends, use theirs to save and share experimental protocols. Others publish their favorite recipes.

Me? I think it's a mix of the above.

So, Mama: there are many answers to your simple question. Love you.

P.S. Here's a little video of Mama, Daddy, sis, baby Grace and me a few years ago, for your viewing pleasure. Summer supper down in Georgia. M-m-m!


LJ said...

Nice post! I think I blog as sort of a mix of some of the things you touch on. I like for my friends to be able to keep up with what I'm up to. I like to voice my opinion on things upon occasion, but I'm non-confrontational - so good forum.

And like you note with yourself pursuing a career in science, deep down I would much prefer to be writing, doing photography, and playing music... but somewhere along the way I made the choice to head in this direction.

Someday I might choose to opt for that different path yet. But in the meantime, the blog gives a way to still do some published writing in some form.

Hope it gives you the same sense of satisfaction that it has for me!

Sara said...

hi, i ended up at your blog via your comment on As Nice as I Want to be, I'm interested by your profile, as I'm a grad student looking at what I will do next and thinking about what kind of policy work (among other things) I might be able to do. If you wouldn't mind telling me a little about what you do, I would really appreciate it.
You can reach me at lifeisnichtsimal @ gmail. com

gwadzilla said...

I blog because I started and can not stop


I like to get some of the voices out of my head